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EMBL Science & Society Seminar: Heather Douglas
Our Science & Society Seminars take place either online, or in-person across different EMBL sites. These talks create a platform for dialogue and debate, allowing EMBL to examine the ethical, legal, and social implications of scientific research.

In this session, Prof. Heather Douglas will present the topic of "Responsibility and Accountability in Science".
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Prof. Heather Douglas
Associate Professor @Michigan State University Department of Philosophy
Heather Douglas joined MSU’s Department of Philosophy as an Associate Professor in the Fall of 2018. Her research focuses on the relationship between science and democracy, including the role of social and ethical values in science, the nature of scientists’ responsibility in and for science, and science-policy interfaces such as science advising, science funding, and science communication. She is the author of dozens of articles and essays, several edited collections, and her monograph, Science, Policy, and the Value-Free Ideal (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2009). She is a fellow of the Institute for Science, Society, and Policy at the University of Ottawa, and a member of the Virtual Institute for Responsible Innovation, and a member of the Consortium for Socially Relevant Philosophy of/in Science and Engineering. In 2016, she was elected as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Sandra Bendiscioli
Senior Programme Officer, EMBO Science Policy Programme @EMBO
Sandra Bendiscioli, who will chair this seminar, analyses policy implications in research integrity, scientific publishing, peer review and gender issues in science. She monitors developments in European research policies for the EMBO community. The main focus of her work is research integrity and in particular the systemic factors and policies that influence how researchers carry out their work. She was primarily responsible for the development of a series of workshops on responsible conduct of research, and presents these regularly for the EMBO community and more widely. She holds a masters’ degree in Foreign Languages, Literature and Linguistics from the University of Pavia in Italy. After a period of research in Applied Linguistics at the University of Heidelberg, she joined EMBO in the Science & Society Programme, where she was responsible for the organization of events to promote public understanding of science and foster discussions on the ethical aspects of scientific research.
Lucia von Bredow
Science & Society Manager @EMBL Heidelberg
Lucia von Bredow, who will host this seminar, runs the Science & Society Programme at EMBL. She has a background in law, public affairs and stakeholder engagement in the healthcare and life science sectors. The Science & Society Programme has been running for over twenty years. It seeks to create a bridge between EMBL, external stakeholders, and cross-sectoral experts, by undertaking analysis of, and discussion on the societal impact of scientific research. We act as a neutral facilitator, providing an impartial forum to explore the societal context in which scientific research operates.